Exterior Cladding

Pura® NFC Cladding

At Elite Composite Designs, we raise the bar in terms of our standards, high-quality installation and above all attention to detail when it comes to fitting your ideal exterior cladding solution.

We offer Pura® NFC a premium exterior cladding for our residential cladding projects. The Pura® NFC system has been engineered to stay in pristine shape. Each plank undergoes many laboratory tests where it is exposed to damaging climate elements, then checked to confirm it has maintained its vibrancy and polish. This cladding truly stands up to challenging weather conditions, such as intense sunlight, humidity, rain, wind and the coasts salty sea air. It includes an air cavity in front of the load-bearing wall, allowing an airflow that prevents heat or moisture accumulation.

Pura® NFC has a rich palette of colours, which gives our clients a wide variety of  colour options and with no worries about maintenance or durability. What more could you ask for when choosing the best exterior cladding solution? If it may not however be your recommendation, we do adhere to client specification always.

Elite Composite Designs Ltd are very proud to be named as Pura® NFC Trained Installers, which leaves our clients well ensured that we are skilled and equipped for your project. Our clients' experience from start to finish is what matters the most to us as it is an exciting time with all the planning and preparation for this creative
project. Our clients find watching the process such a delight and trusting that it will be in safe hands is what drives our team to deliver the best picture-perfect property.


The Pura® NFC  has a rich palette of colours with options to suit many architectural styles, and come with colour-matching accessories to create a premium finish.


Lasting Aesthetics

Pura® NFC by Trespa offers elegant, durable cladding, easy to maintain and install, withstanding the most extreme elements.



Imagine a coastal home staying stylish without constant repair, its wood hues rich in any climate, thanks to Pura® NFC cladding.


Low Maintenance

Pura® NFC combines beauty with durability, minimising maintenance and resisting dirt build-up for easy cleaning.


Easy Installation

Pura® NFC by Trespa offers a fast-install solution that stays pristine, eliminating the need for future external cladding renovations.

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Added Value

Pura® NFC transforms your home's exterior, offering a premium cladding solution for a visually stunning, unique, and stylish look.